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The number one cause is dearth of focus by more or one of the motorists although there are a lot of variables that lead to a crash. Driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication is a huge problem, obviously. One third of all crashes are brought on by drunken drivers. But out of of those are caused by distracted drivers.

Anything can deflect you when you’re at the wheel-a sound, a tune on an emergency vehicle or the radio. Recent studies demonstrate that those who speak on their phones or text are more impaired than drivers who've had too much alcohol or as much! Taking your eyes off the road and looking at a keyboard for a fraction of a second may result in harm, death and/or expense that is great. Is that text message really more important than someone or your life you might crash into?Other Distractions it is possible to Command

Most folks within their mid 50’s remember the times when explicit pictures were shown in their driver education courses. In one, a woman in a hospital agonizes over the fact that she took her eyes off the road “merely for a second!” to fish a cigarette from her handbag. This sort of situation occurs every day and often results in an injury although the movie was fiction. When you’re in a car, particularly when you’re traveling at a high rate of speed, a split second can make the difference between arriving and going to the hospital -or the morgue.

It’s a good idea to practice and  to protect your automobile. It is possible to do it in your driveway or an empty parking lot. When you replace it later and can disregard it, you’ve just given an ability which may save your life to yourself.

While that term might look like an oxymoron, it can be your best weapon to prevent a crash. The roads are filled with competitive, angry drivers who are in a rush and will take chances to function as top dog or to get where they’re going. Let him if someone cuts you off. Don’t make a crude gesture to her or him; they are the fools, not you.

Maintain a safe distance from the car ahead. You should have one car length of space for every 10 MILES PER HOUR you're traveling. This can be difficult in significant traffic but do your best; it could save your loved ones and you lots of grief and expense. Taking a defensive driving course may also lower your insurance premiums as well as give other safety tools to you and will allow you to with this!